Deal with Your Bunions Once and for all With the help of Foot And Ankle Concepts INC.

So, you’ve recently been diagnosed with bunions thanks to all those super cute shoes you’ve been wearing for the past twenty years and told that you probably need surgery to correct this painful condition, but what does that mean, exactly? Bunion surgery is a somewhat complex surgery that involves cutting away a portion of the bone and soft tissue of the big toe joint in order to create a more normal alignment of the joint, reducing pain and inflammation.

While some people choose to live with bunions, some opt for surgery. You may be a candidate if you’ve tried conventional treatments for the pain with no success or you have problems conducting day to day activities due to the pain of your bunions 拇趾外翻. There are many different techniques that fall under the category of bunion surgery as they are all designed to do the same thing: relieve the pain and restore normal alignment of the foot. However, the technique used will be dependent on your unique situation.

Bunion surgery recovery is as varied as the surgeries themselves, with the average recovery time extending anywhere from 6 weeks to six months. During that period, precautions must be taken to ensure the long term success of the surgery. If you have surgery that requires the insertion of pins, you way see them sticking out of your foot. They can be removed in 3-4 weeks post surgery or left in for up to 6 weeks. You may be required to wear a walking cast or splint for a period of time after surgery to encourage proper healing.

You may be allowed to wear normal shoes as early as 5 weeks but you may also find that your doctor won’t let you wear regular shoes up to 4 months after your. Either way, you can rest assured that you won’t be wearing any shoes that put undue pressure on your big toe joint for several months after surgery. Some procedures will require you to use crutches to avoid placing any pressure on the joint so that the tissues can begin healing. You may be required to use crutches for up to 8 weeks post surgery.

In most cases, bunion surgery is a success and the pain is significantly diminished. Your big toe will generally look more normal after the swelling goes down. Your ability to wear heels and other shoes without pain is a possibility, however most doctors will not recommend their use as this is what generally causes bunions to begin with. If you have bunions and need to be evaluated for bunion surgery Ventura, it’s time to visit the podiatrist Ventura experts at Foot & Ankle Concepts, Inc. They are the leading bunion surgery Ventura providers.

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